Q & A with Clayton Sean Horton and Michael Jones McKean
This interview was conducted by Sean Horton to coincide with an exhibition at Horton Gallery in New York City in the summer of 2013.

An Evolving Turn: A Conversation with Timur Si-Qin, Michael Jones McKean, and Pablo Larios
This conversation took place in the early spring of 2013.  It began as a lead-in discussion for the exhibition Love and Resources with Timur Si-Qin and Michael Jones McKean at Favorite Good in Los Angeles. The conversation quickly evolved to include Pablo Larios and was published in DIS, April of 2013.

In Conversation: Kim Zitzow and Michael Jones McKean
Unpublished interview with Kim Zitzow from December of 2012.

In Conversation: Priscilla Frank and Michael Jones McKean
A short interview with Priscilla Frank of Huffington Post discussing The Rainbow: certain principles of light and shapes between forms, May 23, 2012

In Conversation: James Gaddy and Michael Jones McKean
A short interview with James Gaddy of Surface Magazine discussing The Rainbow: certain principles of light and shapes between forms, June 4, 2012

In Conversation: Kari Conte and Michael Jones McKean 
Interview with Kari Conte, Curator and  Program Director at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, New York, Winter 2011

The Historian and Astronomer
Interview with Eric Zimmerman, May 2008

In Conversation: Matthew Edgeworth and Michael Jones McKean
Interview with archeologist Matthew Edgeworth, PhD, School of Archaeology, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, January 2008

Dissolving Logic in H20
Interview with Christopher Cook, Curator, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Winter 2007



selected essays


The Material Present

Hannah Walsh, artist and Fergus Fellow at the Ohio State University, June 2014

The Object in the Limit: Thoughts on Michael Jones McKean's Recent Work

Stacy Switzer, Director, Grand Arts, Kansas City, February 2008

Meta Narratives and Marginalia: Michael Jones McKean’s Quixotic Compilation

Michelle White, Assistant Curator, Menil Collection, July/August 2007

Riverboat Lovesongs for the Ghost Whale Regatta

Alison de Lima Greene, Curator of Modern Art, Museum Fine Arts, Houston, September 2006



artist writings


you your sun and shadow, March 2012

The Breeze and a New Ocean, January 2005

Ghosts and Meaning, January 2006

Notes on Mimicry and the Work, March 2004