13_Religion_Catalog_001_HR_cutout_webThe Religion

32 page catalog, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-0984007806

Published in the summer of 2014 on the occasion of  ‘The Religion.’ The book contains 22 color reproductions with 2 large fold-out installation views of the work.

An acknowledgement by Sharon McConnell accompanies Hannah Walsh’s more expansive essay.

Designed by Paris based Bizzarri + Rodriguez

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14_WeFloatAbove_Catalog_michael_jones_mckeanWe Float Above to Spit and Sing

8 page parallel fold booklet

Published in 2014 on the occasion of we float above to spit and sing at Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Miami, Florida.

Introduction by curator Tara Strickstein. Essay by Gean Moreno entitled “Pharmaceutical Tests on Axolotlhumans: On Michael Jones McKean’s Objects”.

13_UofIllinois_Catalog_michael_jones_mckean copyMichael Jones McKean: Selected Projects 2003-2008

36 page catalog, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-60585-702-2

Published in the spring of 2008 on the occasion of The Sunshine of Our Last Day at the University of Illinois, Springfield, USA.

Foreward by Brian Gillis, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Springfield
Essay by Stacy Switzer, Director of Grand Arts in Kansas City, Missouri

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12_YouYourSunAndShadow_Catalog_Michael_Jones_McKeanyou your sun and shadow 

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34 page catalog, perfect bound
Published in the spring of 2012 on the occasion of the exhibition ‘you your sun and shadow’ curated by Michael Jones McKean at the Anderson Gallery. The exhibition included works by Hany Armanious, Rashid Johnson, Pam Lins, Tony Matelli, Ian Pedigo, Dario Robleto, Haim Steinbach, Sarah Sze, Tatiana Trouvé, and Daniel Turner.

Essays by Michael Jones McKean and Ashley Kistler, director of the Anderson Gallery.

08_TheWake_Catalog_michael_jones_mckeanMichael Jones McKean:  the wake the saint the sound the branch

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Limited edition box set of unbound images and text
ISSN: 1973-2163

Published in the spring of 2008 on the occasion of the wake the saint the sound the branch at Project Gentili in Prato, Italy.

Foreward by Stephen Lichty, Co-Director, Project Gentili. Interview with Mathew Edgeworth, PhD Research Associate at the School of Archaeology at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

07_RiverShallows_Catalog_michael_jones_mckean copy

Michael Jones McKean:  The Possibility of Men and the River Shallows

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28 page catalog, saddle stitched

Published in the spring of 2007 on the occasion of The Possibility of Men and the River Shallows, DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas, USA.

Foreward by Diane Barber, Director, DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas
Interview with Christopher Cook, Curator, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

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06_RiverboatLovesongs_Catalog_michael_jones_mcekan copy

Michael Jones McKean: Riverboat Lovesongs for the Ghost Whale Regatta

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Published in the fall of 2006 on the occasion of Riverboat Lovesongs for the Ghost Whale Regatta, at Grand Arts in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Essay by Alison de Lima Greene, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.