The Mass
monocrystalline solar panels, epoxy clay

65 x 65 x 2 in. | 165 x 165 x 5 cm.

University of Arkansas, Fine Arts Gallery, Fayetteville, AK

The Mass, detail

The Mass, detail

The Deep Field
Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image, ink on vinyl, telescopic banner stand

80 x 80 in. | 203 x 203 cm.

Parc Saint Leger Centre d’art Contemporain, Nevers, France

The Deep Field, detail

The Folklore
wood, stainless steel, clay, dirt, cement, papier-mâché, lights, resin, eye lashes, wig, makeup, fabric, rubber, necklaces, paint

96 x 82 x 40 in. | 2.5 x 2 x 1 m.

Favorite Goods, Los Angeles, LA

The Folklore, detail

The Folklore, detail

For Gliese 667c
ink, paper, four stones

22 x 28 x 2 in. | 56 x 71 x 5 cm.

Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, New York, USA

landscape in a room with twenty seven windows
wood, clay, cement, sand, dirt, cardboard, glue, fabric, steel, stryofoam, plaster, branch, wig, necklaces

65 x 22 x 9 ft. | 20 x 6.7 x 2.75 m.

Shenkar College, Worth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

landscape in a room with twenty seven windows, detail

The constellation of wood
digital print from an installation which included:
50 acres of land purchased in Abitibi, Quebec, Canada, framed inkjet prints, upright piano, 5000 year old Campo del Cielo meteorite, petrified wood from Arizona, United States, plastic spectral prism from China, 1970’s hand knotted rug from Qatar, bags of dirt, cans of mussels, wood, paper mache, package of tissues, velvet, medicated ointment, Nivea skin lotion, bottles of orange juice and water

The Quebec City Biennial, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

The Republic
glass and aluminum cabinet, muslin, dyed cotton, stainless steel, cut ponytail from a Mid-Western girl, Gorgonian coral from the Pacific Ocean, seven painted 5000 year old Campo del Cielo meteorites from Argentina

48 x 72 x 3 in. | 122 x 183 x 8 cm.

Horton Gallery, New York, New York

The Republic, detail

she hangs above to spit and sing
wood, paint, gold leaf, aluminum, paper, conch shell, magazine cutout, resin, plaster, light, cord

83 x 64 x 22 in. | 211 x 163 x 56 cm.

Horton Gallery, New York, New York

she hangs above to spit and sing, detail

she hangs above to spit and sing, detail

the magi
wood, paint, resin, shellac, metal, clay, plastic, fabric, leather, petrified wood, meteorite, Sony Minidisc player, pearls, gold plated brass, paper

87 x 132 x 24 in. | 221 x 335 x 61 cm.

Horton Gallery, New York, New York

the magi, detail

the magi, detail

Young Saints and Garden,
clay, papier-mâché, plaster, walnut veneer, stainless steel, marine resin, automotive paint, 1984 Ocean Pacific windbreaker, 2009 Anthropologie blouse, wig, waterproof pouch, men's imitation gold chain, women's imitation gold chain, chainsaw cut kit, 2004 Nokia cell phone, 2004 iPod

39 x 59 x 14 in | 100 x 150 x 35 cm

Horton Gallery, New York, New York

Sky and Ground and Oprah
fabric, archival digital print, UV medium, clay, glue, paint, pins

43 x 18 in. | 109 x 46 cm.

The Icehouse, Phoenix, Arizona

Sky and Ground and Oprah, detail

certain structures and predetermined sequences
hand-knotted Persian wool rug circa 1968, cardboard, tar, wig, pine tree branches, poplar wood, burlap, paint, wax, glitter

17 x 14 x 5 ft. | 5 x 4 x 1.5 m.

Gentili Apri, Berlin, Germany

Certain principles of light and solidarity between forms
Folding magician’s table, wooden representation of the book The Nature of Light and Color in the Open Air, hair braid cutout from a 1987 wall calendar titled: Andrew Wyeth: Helga, fabric from a vintage Ocean Pacific jacket, reproduction leather saxophone strap, 5000 year old Del Campo meteorite, plant sculpture, 2008 Maglite flashlight

48 x 36 x 22 in. | 122 x 91 x 56 cm.

Project Gentili, Prato, Italy

the wake the saint the sound the branch
vitrine, pine, papier-mâché, two 1986 Ocean Pacific wind breaker jackets, gold leaf, balsa wood, conch shell, dry wall, Styrofoam, plastic, clay, glue, shellac, burlap, tape, cork, cedar

96 x 72 x 30 in. | 243 x 182 x 76 cm.

Project Gentii, Prato, Italy

the wake the saint the sound the branch, detail

The Mariner and Sun
hand-made representations of modernist furniture, plaster harpoon, 1985 Ocean Pacific windbreaker, wooden scaffolding, sycamore, marine epoxy, mirage paint

7 x 6 x 3 ft. | 215 x 182 x 90 cm.

first exhibited at NADA in Miami, Florida, USA
photographed in Richmond, Virginia, USA

The Mariner and Sun, detail

Teignmouth Electron
1968 - current
40 foot, modified Piver Victress Class trimaran sailed by Donald Crowhurst in the 1968-1969 Golden Globe Race, purchased in 2007.

Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

Teignmouth Electron, detail

Teignmouth Electron, detail

The Possibility of Men and the River Shallows
wood, foam board, paint, 800 gallon acrylic water tank, 10 HP F/X fan, 1987 J1 Super Jumbo Promax boom box, fragments from the Teignmouth Electron, brass, chainsaw cut kit, flashlight, chest freezer, fog machine, house plants, grow lights, water pumps, misting nozzles, industrial dehumidifier, carpet, one ton of clay, 5000 watt sound system, 12 volume reference library, VFD drive, 2 iPods, 1983 Ocean Pacific wind breaker, gold leafed papier-mâché objects, dismantled papier-mâché river raft, papier-mâché: helm, anchor, cemetery stones and barrels, hand-made replica clothes and death masks, Hall and Oates’ One on One (1982) and Albert Ayler’s Love Cry (1967)

DiverseWorks Art Space, Houston, Texas, USA
Grand Arts, Kansas City, Missouri, USA in 2006 as:
Riverboat Lovesongs for the Ghost Whale Regatta

The Possibility of Men and the River Shallows, detail

The Possibility of Men and the River Shallows, detail

on the mountain cloud wave
porcelain, floor mat, tile board, gold chain, glitter, fluorescent light, white extension cord, place mats, sliver automotive pin striping, sheet rock

4 x 8 x 2 ft. | 121 x 240 x 60 cm.

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred, New York, USA

Selected Projects 2004 - 2016